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Tourist sites in Barranquilla that you can’t miss

Barranquilla, La Arenosa, is one of the most important cities in Colombia. Located on the Caribbean Coast, the city is both a laborious commercial port and an important tourist center. In February, during the Carnival season in Barranquilla, the city dresses up to welcome locals and foreigners.

However, the charm of the so-called Golden Door of Colombia does not disappear with Carnival. Plans in the warm Caribbean city go beyond partying. Without a doubt, the city has many attractions, which is why redbus invites you to visit five tourist sites in Barranquilla on your next trip.

María Reina de Barranquilla Metropolitan Cathedral

Located in the geographic center of Barranquilla, the imposing María Reina Cathedral is an architectural reference in Colombia. Although the city was founded in the seventeenth century, the Cathedral dates only from the middle of the twentieth century. That is why the temple has a style that gives it a unique appearance. Its façade with its pronounced geometry and symmetrical design is not usually associated with a Caribbean style.

Although originally a Renaissance style was desired, the final design was a modern one. However, its construction took quite some time: 27 years. This is probably because its original architect, Italian Angelo Mazzoni de Grande, was only two years in charge of the project. Its completion, by an engineering firm from Antioquia, modified much of the plans.

Architecture and art

Despite the delay, the Cathedral is an architectural jewel. It is one of the largest religious buildings in the country, which has an undeniable charm. Perhaps the most striking thing inside is the Christ of the Tabernacle, work of the master Rodrigo Arenas, which has the name “Christ Latin American Liberator.

The monument honors the American races and the role of religion in the culture of the continent. This sculpture is full of symbolism, energy and mystery. It is accompanied by beautiful stained glass windows and elaborate mosaics of Saint Joseph and Mary Queen with more than 400,000 pieces. The Metropolitan Cathedral is a haven of peace and beauty that deserves at least one visit.

In front of the Cathedral María Reina is the Plaza de la Paz, inaugurated by Pope John Paul II in 1986. This has been the scene of many demonstrations in favor of peace in the country, with the sculpture of “The Policeman Friend” as a symbol of the role of the public force in the search for peace.

Castle of San Antonio de Salgar

San Antonio Castle is located twenty minutes from Barranquilla, on the coast of Salgar. Built by the Spanish Empire during colonial times, the fort is today a cultural center for the city. The charm of the castle lies in its history, in the shows that are held here and in its magnificent view.

It is considered one of the most important colonial fortifications, in addition to being a historical heritage and cultural interest. Its walls and arches are an important heritage for the people of Barranquilla. Inside, the beautiful fountain of the courtyard, halls and corridors are propitious spaces for the cultural encounter. Come and visit one of the incredible tourist sites of Barranquilla!

This beauty has not gone unnoticed by the artistic elite of Barranquilla. The Castle of San Antonio de Salgar has been the scene of exhibitions, shows, performances and even music videos.

In 2009, the great singer Joe Arroyo and Naty Botero recorded the single “Esta noche es nuestra” at the Castillo. Facing a Caribbean sunset, the video shows the impressive view from the fortress. From the back terrace of the fortification you can see the beautiful beaches of Salgar.

In addition to its artistic and heritage value, San Antonio Castle is an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It has a typical restaurant, which serves in gourmet presentation several of the traditional dishes of Caribbean gastronomy: posta cartagenera, seafood casserole, different types of fish and coconut rice are part of the menu here.

If you are thinking of a business or cultural event or just a good plan, San Antonio de Salgar is waiting for you. It is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Barranquilla!

Caribbean Cultural Park

The historic centre of Barranquilla is a space that declined in the sixties, but has been recovering its splendour. Today, its architecture, urban design and history make it a popular destination for tourists. Nestled in this area is the Caribbean Cultural Park. Created by Gustavo Bell, Julio Mario Santo Domingo and Gabriel García Márquez, the Park seeks to exalt Caribbean culture.

Thus, the park brings together the history, art and cultural heritage of the Caribbean. Its facilities include the “Gabriel García Márquez” Caribbean Museum, the country’s first regional museum. Its name honors the Nobel Prize in Literature and seeks to be an axis of memory for the eight Caribbean departments.

In the central area of the park is also the Plaza Mario Santo Domingo. Here, fountains, trees and a children’s area invite the public to take the space. As part of the revitalization of the historic center of the city, the Plaza is a milestone in urban renewal.

It hosts numerous shows (it has an open-air theater) that summons citizens to live the center. If you are in Barranquilla, don’t miss the Caribbean Cultural Park.

Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium

The most national football fans are sure to visit the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium. The stadium is home to several teams, such as Atlético Junior and Barranquilla Futbol Club. However, the most important team that plays on this field is, without a doubt, the Colombian national team, in their home games.

Although it was built in 1986 for the World Cup that Colombia would organize that year, the stadium was remodeled in 2011. That year, Colombia hosted the U-20 World Cup, with modern LED screens, new grammage and new silos.

This scenario has been a source of joy and sadness for all Colombians, who have seen their team win and lose on the field. As a space of great capacity to host public, has served for concerts and music festivals such as the America Music Fest. Shakira, Juanes, Juan Luis Guerra and Carlos Vives have passed through this stage.

Ash Mouths

Finally, for those who want to appreciate the natural beauty of the region, Bocas de Ceniza is your ideal destination. In this place, the Magdalena River meets the Caribbean Sea and offers a wonderful spectacle.

The tajamar of Bocas de Ceniza is a flagship work of Colombian engineering and can be traveled in a small motor train. You can also travel around the area in slabs or boats that depart from Las Flores and reach Puente Pumarejo.

The calm and tranquility offered by Bocas de Ceniza is unmatched in comparison to other tourist sites in Barranquilla. In addition to the tour, you can enjoy the popular gastronomy in the nearby fishermen’s restaurants. To get to know the life of the Caribbean and the nature of the region, Bocas de Ceniza is the ideal plan!

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