Ecotourism in Florianópolis

If Florianópolis already enchants visitors by its beaches and tourist points, can you imagine doing a tourism that respects and preserves the balance of nature and promotes environmental education?

The Ecotourism in Florianópolis attracts people from all over the world, who come behind the natural beauties and also of peace and moments of contemplation.

The city is graced by mountains, trails, natural reserves, parks, waterfalls, several species of fauna and flora, among other attractions for those who seek the practice of ecological tourism and activities loaded with adventure.

There are countless places that keep their beauties intact and provide tours for the whole family. Jurerê International, one of the most popular resorts in the capital, also contributes to the preservation of the environment and has several options for ecological tourism.


It can be practiced all year round in Florianópolis, thanks to the good access conditions, clear waters and the rich marine fauna and flora. Jurerê International is Padi Resort, in partnership with the diving school Água Viva, certified by the Blue Flag. It promotes baptisms and exits to the Marine Biological Reserve of Arvoredo, near Florianópolis and Bombinhas.

The place is the favorite of scuba divers. Those who prefer scuba diving, coves, coastlines and islands are great spots. The French Island, located in front of the beach of Jurerê, is also a great option for practitioners of the sport.

Dolphin and whale watching

As you stroll along Jurerê Internacional beach, keep an eye on the sea, as there is a chance to spot dolphins. They swim in the North Bay, alone or in groups. The chance of sighting is greater if you are embarked and closer to the neighboring municipality of Governador Celso Ramos, where is located the Bay of Dolphins.

Between July and November, the Right Whale is the main attraction, and can be seen in several points of the South Coast of Santa Catarina. The region serves as a nursery for the species, which comes at this time of year to the region in search of warmer waters to have the cubs.

Bird watching

Santa Catarina has more than 600 different species of birds, which means you can imagine that fans of this type of ecotourism will have great experiences! In Florianópolis, special tours offer hikes in ecological parks or tours to marine islands, all under the guidance of specialized guides.

Nautical sports

The beach of Jurerê International has one of the best natural lanes for the practice of sailing. The region is considered a stronghold of sailors, both for the favorable conditions and the unmissable scenery.

The waters are also favorable for those who like to do canoeing and one of the indicated routes is to admire the view of the Fort of São José da Ponta Grossa, between the beaches of Jurerê International and the Fort. The Stand Up Paddle – or SUP, is another modality that can be done in the sea of Jurerê International.

Tamar Project

Another attraction that is worth including in the ecological tourism in Florianópolis is a visit to the Tamar Project, in Barra da Lagoa, which promotes actions to protect sea turtles.

Trails, beaches and islands

Walking trails and paths through nature, to breathe pure air and observe the natural beauties, is always a great request.

In Jurerê International, besides the beach itself, there are several other options such as the forest trail or Praia do Forte, Parque Amoraeville, Pé de Fruta, Passeio dos Namorados and the Ilha do Francês. Lagoinha do Leste State Park is an interesting adventure tour for those who like to do trails and find a sea with clear and limpid waters.

The beach of Naufragados is another destination that is not far behind. In addition to its almost untouched nature, it is home to a small group of fishermen who bring nostalgia to the environment. Campeche Island is another mandatory stop for those who want to be in contact with nature.

Ecological parks

The Lagoa do Peri Municipal Park is a biological reserve and one of the main ecosystems in the preservation and regeneration stage of the original Atlantic Forest. The Rio Vermelho State Park covers the Atlantic Rainforest that surrounds the Conceição Lagoon and the sandbank of Praia do Moçambique.

And the Ecological Park of Córrego Grande presents a great variety of native plants, fauna composed of domesticated animals (such as ducks, rabbits and chickens), birds, small mammals such as saguis and opossums, and reptiles such as jabuti, turtles and yellow caimans.


Few tourists know, but Florianópolis also has beautiful waterfalls, perfect for a refreshing bath or a walk through nature, located mainly to the east and south of the island.

Fortaleza São José da Ponta Grossa

To the North of the Island of Santa Catarina, between the beaches of the Fort and Jurerê International, rises one of the most beautiful monuments of Santa Catarina: the Fortress of São José da Ponta Grossa, built in the 17th century by Brigadier José da Silva Paes.

Under the tutelage of the UFSC and open to the public visitation, this and other fortresses became a pole of production and diffusion of knowledge, culture and leisure, in one of the best preserved sets of military architecture of our country and one of the biggest attractions of the cultural tourism of the South of Brazil.

A tour that unites history and a beautiful natural scenery, with a unique view of our coast.

Accommodation Tips

As you can see, there are many options for the practice of ecological tourism in Florianópolis and the region. All you need to do is program, plan and book a hotel that is close to these attractions and has excellent infrastructure.

In Jurerê International are the IL Campanario Villaggio Resort, one of the most prestigious resorts in Brazil, with TripAdvisor 2018 Certificate of Excellence; and the Jurerê Beach Village, the most indicated option for those seeking a typical hotel “foot in the sand”.

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